Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waiting for My Womb to Change

Just a waiting....again. Appointment to discuss IVF with my doctor is next week. That actually came alot faster than I thought. I still have to do the SIS test though. I could have done it this month but as fate would have it, the test fell on the time when we were in Las Vegas. DH and I went to Las Vegas over Valentines. It was lovely, it was wonderful to spend some quality time with my sweetie and not even discuss or worry about IF. I had cappuccinos and dessert everyday, and we found a sushi buffet to die for. We went to see Jersey Boys, which was fantastic and while I didn't win any big money, DH was winning like crazy. I swear that guy has a horseshoe up his butt. It was only 3 days, but a so needed break.

I'm feeling good and positive towards taking the step to IVF. I've been doing visualization exercises by writing and drawing pictures of what I want. "I WANT TO BE PREGNANT in 2010", "I WILL GIVE BIRTH TO A HEALTHY BABY", drawing pictures of my future pregnant belly. I hear visualization is a powerful thing and I want to get it working for me.