Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Overstuffed Turkey

I am in the midst of Week 38 and now I know what all those preggers were complaining about before -- I feel like an overstuffed turkey. And by no means is my belly as big as I have seen on some women, but man this is getting uncomfortable. At my last appt. the Dr. said there was no progress towards labor, so I guess this little gal likes it in there. I have somewhat lost my appetite as well and really have been losing weight rather than gaining in these last weeks.

Baby prep is going pretty well, her room is almost done. Just waiting for the dresser and chair to arrive. We still haven't purchased a crib mattress yet, but she won't be sleeping in it for awhile. We have the playpen with bassinet set up in our room. I have experienced some of those Braxton Hicks contractions, which aren`t very pleasant, but I`m sure nothing compared to the real thing.

Really hard to believe the big day is almost here! Over three years in the making.