Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here's My Baby Girl

Yes I found out. It's a girl! I was surprised but my DH wasn't, he said he knew. I didn't totally think it was a boy but wasn't convinced either way I guess. My anatomy ultrasound went great and I am happy to say without trepidation that I am doing great at the halfway mark. When you are an IF survivor you are always waiting for the the other shoe to drop. But this ultrasound eased my worries. I still don't think I am feeling her move too much but I know she is alive and kicking in there. It was so cool, because I wasn't expecting a 3D image. I didn't know our doctor's office had it. So we got to take home some 3D images and 4D video. I want to go for another 3D ultrasound on our own when she is bigger and so that my stepdaughter can come and see. Now I can relax on our Caribbean cruise next week, super excited. First have to get tons of homework done which is stressing me a bit, but can't complain cause I'll be in paradise in a week. Halfway there and still can't believe it. I'm sure now it will all rush by. Haven't even started shopping yet....yikes!