Sunday, November 29, 2009

And Now I'm TOO Reproductive

Well, either you have no eggers going or you have six. On Friday, my RE made it sound like I had a million eggs growing. Or as she liked to refer to them "the litter". Which I didn't appreciate too much, being compared to a dog that is. She was threatening to cancel my IUI altogether. Of course, I was panicked and did what I do when I'm panicked....research. I went online to research what happens when IUI's are cancelled. Well, most people on blogs seem to go ahead and have sex even though their doctors insist they don't. I was all prepared to be a rebel and go for it! I also read a few journal articles that said even with many follicles growing a woman over 35 has like a 1% chance of actually having a super-multiple pregnancy. OK, that was what I needed to have a fighting chance with my RE.

So, I prayed and hoped that only a few of my eggs would be front runners and would have grown that extra 2-3 mm bigger than the stragglers. This way I would only have three not six and my RE wouldn't have to worry. And boy did I pray, I'm usually more of a silent, inside my head pray-er but not this time. I raised my hands to the sky and was shouting my prayer to the heavens (hoping God would hear the louder me). Today, we went back for another U/S and thank goodness I only had three follicles that were really big. And I tried to convince the RE that at my accelerated age, multiples shouldn't be much of a worry. She somewhat agreed, cause I think last time I was there she must have just looked at me and not at my chart cause she said "You are so young, don't worry about a cancelled IUI". And I was like, young --- What??? I've been told I look younger than my age. Anyways, IUI is scheduled for Wednesday and I will be praying loud all week.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pincushion Time Again

Off to races for IUI numero 2. I had an intern do my Baseline U/S this time. She is the same one who did my first IUI and had much trouble inserting the tube because of my tilted uterus. So, of course I was super worried she didn't actually get it in there. It was weird, I could feel when it wasn't going in because it would bunch up inside the canal there. Anyways, I raised my concern to her about my short cycle and how this luteal phase defect is weighing on my mind. At first, she didn't want to prescribe me the progesterone but I insisted and she spoke with my doctor and he said sure! So, yeah me for being my own advocate. Not sure if this is what I really need but they said there was no great harm in taking it, so why not? Also, started taking some Vitamin C, because I read that a study showed that helped women with LPD. So, that probably brings my supplement count to like 20, my daily pill box almost doesn't fit all the vitamins/supplements I'm taking.

My DH talked to his sister who went through the IUI process with each of her three kids. She told me a bit of her experiences but wasn't very forthcoming with information (or didn't feel comfortable talking to me about it), we don't quite connect. Anyways, she told DH that it took 4-5 IUI's to get each of her kids. So, that makes me wonder how many I should go through before heading to the IVF route, which I don't really want to do if necessary. I could probably take one more month of this but two or three more I don't know.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not Quite

So, this IUI was a bust. Just got AF yesterday. Sadness of course, but also must look at this as a way these doctors can actually help me. Since induced ovulation was at CD14 and I got my period this time on CD25, which is the shortest cycle I've ever had in my life. But it shows what I suspected, that there is something wrong with my luteal phase. My regular cycles are usually 29-30 days but I would ovulate (according to OPK) late around CD17-20. I am going to ask RE about how my progesterone was this cycle and maybe get on some additional meds. This could have been my problem all along and thanks to this failed cycle maybe we are one step closer to solving it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

38 and feelin' great, great, great

Happy Birthday to me
Trying to have a baby
My one birthday wish...
Bun in the oven already

Monday, November 9, 2009

38 Special

Significance of the number 38
  • Was especially prominent in Norse Mythology. The number was said to represent unnatural bravery, characteristic of the legendary heroes of Norse sagas.

  • The 38th parallel north is pre-Korean War boundary between North Korea and South Korea.

  • Significant in Egyptian mythology, as it was the characteristic number of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of death and mummification. Egyptian pharaohs were often buried with 38 statues of cat guardians, and their sarcophagi were adorned with 38 ankhs. (Which is cool because it reminds me of one of my favorite movies "The Mummy")

  • The number of slots on an American Roulette wheel

  • Name of the southern rock band 38 Special

BUT most importantly 38 is the number I will be turning this Saturday. I will be officially old! And I don't say this because in Wikipedia it refers to everyone over 38 as old. I say this because my RE told me if you are diagnosed with unexplained infertility before the age of 38, well its just unexplained...and they really can't tell you what is wrong. Though here's the kicker, when you turn the magic age of 38 they can just say age-related infertility. I wasn't feeling old until he told me that.

I am going to take the real significance of 38 which appears to be bravery, boundary-breaking, letting it ride, rockin it out and becoming a mummy (although a mommy would be my first preference) and shove this talk of old where it belongs. Hidden in the picture above.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

One IUI Down, Hopefully None To Go

I did it, its done. IUI numero uno was completed this morning. Was suppose to be done tomorrow but I was surging already so it was bumped up. Silly me, didn't leave my cell phone on yesterday (cause I just assumed the plan was the plan - I'm such a newbie) and almost missed the message I needed to take my shot asap and come in today. So, as I expected IUI was pretty low key. Although I have to do some bragging on behalf of my DH, 170 million count and
53% motility!!! Hope that makes some sort of difference. Way to go honey, you have a good factory down there.

Now the dreaded 2WW, what to do? what to do? Not obsess, right! Just keep on living and hope for the best I guess. We are already discussing 'baby names' though, just to keep us on the optimistic vibe. Anyone suggest some good sites for names? I know there are a million out there but if anyone has some favorites, please pass it on. Or any other suggestions would be helpful for surviving the 2WW.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eyes Barely Open

Well, its the 10th day of injections with the good ole Gonal-F pen and I can barely keep my eyes open. That is my number one side effect - exhaustion. I'm a walking talking zombie. Can't even focus to write this post. Hopefully, will be the last U/S tomorrow then we can schedule the IUI. Have two very nice looking follicles growing, one on each side. Best damn follicles I've ever seen, but I guess I'm biased. Kinda wild to be seeing where your babies are coming from even before they are babies. Off to sleep for 10 hours hopefully.

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