Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dodged Baby Shower for Puppy Class

Last weekend my sister n law was thrown a baby shower for her second child, Harley. It was thrown by some of her friends, but my Mom did most of the cooking. Its not that I didn't want to go, but I had already given my sister n law my present for Harley a few weeks ago because I didn't think there was going to be a shower. So, I get called a week before the shower to be invited by one of her friends. It was the same day as my first puppy class with Ruby.

I definitely love my sister n law and my newest niece but a baby shower is the last thing I want to go to right now. So, I told them I would come later after my class. My mom wasn't very happy with me. Ruby did pretty good at class, she is the youngest and smallest pup there. She is afraid of the other pups, I hope that will change over the next 7 classes. Ruby and I came to the shower at the end, but it really wasn't much of a shower it was more of a open house. There was just eating and opening presents, no games or anything. I guess because all my sister n law's friends now have kids of their own and don't have time to plan elaborate things like everyone usually does with the first baby. Her one friend who planned the shower has three little girls, all less than 3 years old. Isn't that crazy?? Like I need to be around that kind of unabated ramped fertility. I've figured out by now, all old wives tales are crap, being around fertile women does not make you fertile...or I'd be having sextuplets with the amount of pregnancy surrounding me right now.

And there's was no way I wanted to sit around for four hours talking about kids. And having to respond to the usual annoying questions that usually come my way. I guess I am asserting myself in a somewhat passive way (totally my style), but I don't think you should have to subject yourself to these kind of things when you are totally sensitive about anything baby.
I mean its not polite to ask recovering alcoholics to the open bar, now is it. My fur baby Ruby is totally helping keep my mind off the whole baby thing. I'm too preoccupied on if she's peeing in the house to even count down the days till ovulation. Thank you Ruby and your small bladder.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Shut In

So, I've been pretty much of a shut in for the past couple weeks. Its so damn cold here, and Ruby and I are just into our daily routine. Unfortunately, this routine cannot include a couple walks a day because of the weather, my little pups would freeze pretty quick. So, we are just at home day in and day out. I'm really experiencing stay home motherhood I guess. Feeding, cleaning up pees/poops, talking to a little creature that doesn't talk back, taking naps. Overall, I don't mind it but cabin fever is setting in a bit. I don't mind winter when the temperature is bearable. Ice skating, tobogganing, walks in the snow are all things I enjoy.

I borrowed the first season of The Dog Whisperer and watched that last week. That show really puts you in the state of mind, that you better train your dog well right off the bat or you are in for a boat load of issues. Ruby is doing really well so far, accidents in the house are at a minimum although I do watch her every second she's out of her kennel. She already knows sit, and I use that for her 'manners' meaning she has to sit before she gets to do a lot of things --play with a toy, eat, come up on my lap, get a treat. We are going to our first puppy class on Sunday, and I hope she is at the right stage. I have taken her around the house in her lease a bit, she only tolerates it if I coax her with treats but she's still young. My furbaby turned 9 weeks today!

I have no momentum to look for a job right now. We are still doing well enough thanks to hubby who has a great job and knows how to make a bit extra on the stock market. When I do find a job I think I will only work part-time, I just have no ambition to get really into my career right now.
Working at home would probably be ideal for me, just don't know what I would do. Freelance graphic design I think would drive me insane (I have training in this). I would like to do something creative, we'll see. For right now, Ruby and I will continue to enjoy our home which I love so much....good we are spending a lot of time in it as we payed enough for it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ruby Update

Well, being a puppy mother is tougher than I remember. But last time I had a puppy I was living at home, so it was my dad who got up in the middle of the night to let puppy out. Now its me, and watching little Rubster like a hawk so there are no 'accidents' is exhausting. She is a pretty good pup so far and has caught on super well to the bathroom rules. From day one we headed outside in the -30 degrees Celsius weather, which at first she looked at me like I was a sadistic torturer. But now three days later, she is already used to it, and pees outside, like there's no tomorrow.

She already responds to her name and I have taught her to sit. She loves her kennel still but wants to spend more time with us than sitting in there, which means she is bonded with her new mommy and daddy. She likes to snuggle in right around my neck when she's falling asleep with me on the couch. Getting her to stop the puppy biting is going to be an ongoing struggle, but she is getting a bit better. Now I just need to get both of us on a good night time schedule, I've only had to let her out once each night, which I think is pretty good. Getting up in the night really sucks, but it won't last forever. Its way to cold to go on any walks, but we will be going to puppy class next weekend already, so I'm going to get her use to her leash next week.

Ruby is such a great pup, and just what I needed right now. I haven't thought about babymaking in a week --- lack of sleep. Plus, having a little somebody to cuddle and love is wonderful. Dogs are so great, they give you all the love you give them back in spades.