Saturday, March 19, 2011

Out Out Damn Spots

Wow, its very challenging dealing with these "hormonal" emotions that are always at the surface. Last week I started prescription treatment for a yeast infection, and a couple days into it I had some spotting. Of course I freaked just thinking something was wrong...crying and the whole bit. I think it was just because I was at the precipice of 24 weeks, which is a milestone I was desperate to cross without any hiccup. I called the Health Link and was hoping the nurse would tell me the spotting was connected to the medication or the yeast infection to put my mind at ease. Well, she didn't say that but told me to go see the doctor if it continued more than 2 days. It stopped after a couple days and I hadn't taken the medication for one because I didn't want it to start again. So, I resumed the medication because the nurse said that would be wise to not stop treating the infection. And three days later some more spotting. So, yesterday and today I have been on major underwear watch. Today it is fading and now I am wondering if it is related to the medication or to my Aquafit class. My class is on Thursday nights and both times the spotting started a day after the class. I am just going to take it easy as much as I can for the next few days.

Anyways, trying to keep my emotions in check and not freak about everything. It is hard, especially when this is so precious to me and took so long to achieve. I want everything to go just perfect and don't need any emotional roller coaster rides...I had enough of that for three years. Just want Baby Girl to keep growing strong and healthy and wait for summer.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Name Game

Naming someone is an overwhelming task. First you have to think that you will be saying this name countless times for the rest of your life. And secondly you hope your child likes their name and it doesn't result in any unwanted teasing/taunting etc. I have a list of names of course but one of them just seems to be speaking to me. It is not a very common name which is what I like but I don't want my daughter to have such an unusual name that it becomes annoying for her.

The name I like (and have convinced my DH to like) is EVERLY. Now when I look up this name in the various baby name books and websites it says it is a boys name. To me it isn't. I would never name a boy, Everly. And I immediately thought the nickname would be EVIE, which I really like as well. Now I've basically told DH that naming is up to me because he insists this is going to be our only baby.... we'll see. He likes GRACE, which will probably end up being the middle name.

Now the other thing with this name is the meaning. In some places where I look it up it says the meaning is "From Ever's Meadow", which I think is beautiful. But in other places it says "From Boar's Meadow" which is not so appealing. But just wondering if people pick names more on how they sound, then what they mean? Anyways, I'm still looking at other names on my list but have starting calling my belly Everly. I didn't want to share it with too many people, but a few have gotten it out of me and so far the feedback has been positive.

So, we will see if she is an EVERLY in 3.5 months. I went for another ultrasound yesterday to check on her heart. We are participating in a study where they monitor her heart for any abnormalities because they can sometimes occur in IVF babies. Yesterday was the last ultrasound and they told me her heart looked pretty perfect, so I was sooo happy! Of course they said (to cover their butts) that they can't see everything on an ultrasound like minor defects but overall they were happy with the results.

My EVERLY has a good heart (literally and figuratively I hope), what more could a mommy ask for : )