Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to Get Some Worry Beads

Maybe worry beads will help me stop worrying. The ultimate fear has come true....I've turned into my mother The Worry Wart of all worry warts. So, I am sailing into 2nd trimester feeling better than ever. No nausea, no hip pains, no food aversions (mostly) but I can't stop worrying.
Now that I feel pretty normal I think there must be something wrong. Especially since I am not quite sure if I have felt the baby yet.

I am almost 18 weeks and while I have felt some little lower abdomen muscle twinges, I don't know if that is the baby or not. It would be so comforting to feel it more so I actually feel pregnant. My belly has grown, so that is a definite sign. Weird how I can't accept the fact that feeling normal is normal.

I am counting down the days till our big ultrasound on Feb 10th. We are definitely finding out what we are having. And I want to see that baby move again, if only on a screen so I don't have to worry about it so much. Lots of people think I am having a girl even DH, but I don't really have a sense either way right now.

We are going on a Caribbean cruise in 3 weeks and I can't wait to get away from all this snow and cold. It going to be hard not to gain some extra pounds on that boat, the all you can eat shrimp and lobster night....I've been dreaming of it for months.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling Better Finally!

You feel like it is never going to end. First trimester yuckiness. Well, I still don't believe it but I'm starting to feel normal again; most of the time anyway. Last night I pushed my luck and stayed up too late, and ending up vomiting before I went to bed. Oh well, better vomit once a week,than once a day.

My bump is starting to show and the pants are getting tighter. Good thing I saved some of my fat pants from a few years ago. I also bought a few pairs of maternity pants but they still feel too big and fall down after about an hour of wearing them. Another good thing is that the excessive hunger I was feeling for three months has subsided. My last doctor's visit on Thursday he told me I gained 7 pounds since last month, yikes! Well, its was Christmas too and I was soooo hungry. My visit was short and sweet. He just measured my belly, we listened to the heartbeat and he asked me some questions. I go back on Feb 10 for anatomy ultrasound and next appointment. Counting down the days till I get to see my little one again. I told my doctor I do want to find out the sex. My philosophy is I've waited three years for this to happen, I don't want to wait for any more surprises. Hopefully, little one cooperates in the ultrasound. (probably the people who want to know so bad don't get to)

Otherwise, everything is going fine. I still have my worries, but that is probably true of all preggos. I started my pre-natal aquafit class where everybody is totally showing big time. I felt like I had washboard abs compared to everyone else. I was the one who was the fewest weeks pregnant. Felt good to do some exercise again though, it has been awhile. I was going to join a yoga class as well but didn't want to overwhelm myself. I have a pre-natal yoga DVD that I haven't even looked at. Classes are always better for me to get my butt in gear.