Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Extreme Ruby Makeover

Uh oh, I turned my puppy into a poodle. Not so much off the top next time.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Makeover

I can't say I was really inspired by the weather outside, because here in Edmonton its friggin cold. But I decided to give my blog a spring makeover. Formally 'The Path of Promise', I now want to look at my situation with a little more humor and acceptance, hence 'The Road Less Fertilized'. That's not to say I won't have anymore 'poor me' posts cause everyone has those days and a blog really helps to get out those emotions. But I have been much inspired by all the ladies struggling with IF and their blogs and I hope to see things with a full range of emotions. So, spring has sprung and a new phase begun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ruby headed for some big changes next week

Here's Ruby at almost 6 months old. She's looking like a shaggy dog and not a puppy anymore. Next week she will be going for her first big haircut and also she'll be gettin rid of her lady parts. I don't think I could survive a week like that but my little girl is a trooper. She has been such a comfort to me during this tough time and I am so thankful we got her. She's a sweet dog who just needs to learn a few more things but overall I can't complain. We started our 2nd session of puppy classes yesterday and she just loved the puppy socialization part (puppy playtime). She was racing around like a little greyhound while this big black dog tried to catch up with her but couldn't. Her little running displays lately makes me think we should try to learn Agility. She learns pretty fast and it would be cool to compete. But let's just see how she does in puppy class. There were some puppies in puppy class who were so shy, timid and not liking the other ones. It made me feel good that I took the effort with Ruby when she was smaller to socialize her the best I could and it has paid off.

I will update post haircut next week (which will probably be a total shave because her hair all over the place in driving us nuts), non-shedding breed my butt. The best thing about dogs is that they live in the moment, so when she wants to play fetch over and over again I just let my thoughts melt away and throw.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Sadness and Hello to Hope

Yesterday I took Ruby for a walk around this huge (man made) lake, its about a five minute drive from our house. As I was getting out of the car with Ruby, I heard a distinct sobbing noise. I looked around to see if someone was in trouble. At first, I couldn't tell who it was then I saw her. She was probably in her fifties, she had brassy, short red hair and her face was as red as her hair. I looked intensely at her to figure out why she was in such distress. She was walking to her car alone. Then I noticed she was carrying a small pet kennel, it was empty. In the parking lot, there is a mini mall which has a veterinary office. It finally clicked in my head, that this woman had just put her pet down. And here I was just getting out of my car with my 5 month old puppy.

I wish I could say I was brave enough to run up to that lady and give her some sort of comfort, but I wasn't. Just thinking about the day when I will have to take my Ruby to the Vet for the goodbye trip, was even too much to bare. I saw the women look at me through her car window, and I prayed for her to have comfort and be strong. All of us pet lovers think of our pets as our children - our little kids who always need us even till the end. I hope the red haired lady will be OK, I'm sure her pet was special to her and I know how rough this time can be having to had four dogs put down in my life. Its amazing how much sadness we have in this world, I feel sadness everyday waiting on the opportunity to be pregnant and not having it come to fruition.
I also feel hope, and I hope one day soon the red haired lady and I will both be graced with new children in our lives.