Sunday, October 31, 2010

2nd Hurdle

HCG on Friday was 313, which the nurse described as super! Joe Embryo is making Mama proud so far.....Grow Joe! Actually this is kinda a joke in our house now because my husband mentioned that his pick for a boy's name would be Joe, and I was like no way! I'm sorry but Joe is just too generic for me. I told him I get total vito on that cause I've been the one probed, stabbed and jabbed for three years. He wouldn't let up until his daugther laughed at the name yesterday.

I have to do another HCG test on Tuesday before they will schedule the first ultrasound. So, flipping excited right now. Of course, diving into everything baby. Downloaded like 8 pregnancy apps to my ipod. Got out my pregnancy books which I bought three years ago. Got to write in the pregnancy journal I bought three years ago. Please keep growing Joe, Mama is so happy you are here. Thanks to all you for your congratulations, your support means so much to me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I know I have been MIA for quite a while. Just needed some space to not think about IF so much. The past 6 weeks has been preparation for my FET, which was done on October 17th. The 2WW was rocky as most are, but mid way through I really had my doubts. I really expected that I would be 'feeling' more. Luckily, with encouragement from a pregnant woman of all people and checking online, a lot of women do no have any signs. So, my beta testing day approached and I had some spotting, and I can't tell how many times in the past I believed it was implantation bleeding when it wasn't. I was somewhat devastated and decided to wait one day to go for my beta test in case it was AF. The next day there was no sign of AF which was unusual, cause if she is going to come, she comes.

So I went for my test yesterday late afternoon. They ran it STAT and someone called me from the clinic like 90 minutes later. Before I got the call I went for a walk with Ruby and said to myself over and over again what the conversation from the clinic was going to be like. "Andrea, Congratulations!" I got home the call came and that was the conversation I had. I was of course an emotional wreck with happy tears/sobs galore. She didn't tell me what my HCG was, but it was positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BFP my first one ever! I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am. But the true test is still to come. Tomorrow is my second HCG test, and I am hoping, praying for a doubling.

This is an unbelievable feeling, and I wish it for all my IF sisters out there. Three years of nothing and now finally some joy! Please prayer for me that my baby continues to grow and be strong.